3 Amazing Eco-Benefits
of Bamboo Toilet Paper

July 09, 2020
3 Amazing Eco-Benefits <br>of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo: the fastest growing plant on earth, and the best tree-free toilet paper alternative for when you wipe. Why, you may ask? Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials made by mother-nature because it can be cultivated by farmers, and regrows at a faster rate than trees. Using bamboo as a wood alternative ultimately helps protect against deforestation, damage to animal habitats, and much more. Our bamboo is FSC certified, meaning that it is environmentally conscious, socially beneficial and economically viable. 


Top 3 Environmental Benefits of Bamboo:


1. It Grows Faster


Did you know that bamboo can grow to its full size in just 3 to 4 months? Compare this to the 30+ years it takes a single tree to mature. Some even say that if you watch closely, bamboo will grow before your eyes! 

Bamboo is actually a grass (not a tree). Its natural renewing properties make harvesting simpler than wood-based forestry for tissue-making purposes. This fast-paced renewing property makes bamboo super sustainable; it will grow back quickly when harvested. Cutting bamboo does not actually harm the plant itself or the surface soil, unlike timber cutting. The more often bamboo is harvested, the quicker it will regenerate.

The differences in environmental-impact between bamboo toilet paper and tree toilet paper are astounding. The majority of pulp used for U.S. toilet paper brands is sourced from the Canadian Boreal Forest, which spans a huge portion of the Northern Hemisphere, almost up to the Arctic Circle. This forest is the world’s most prominent and crucial carbon sink. Alone, it removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other forest in the world. Logging this forest for large corporations' tree-based toilet paper use has a severe impact on climate change.

Devastating tree loss caused by deforestation:

2. It’s Pesticide-Free


Icky pesticides and chemicals are not required when harvesting bamboo because bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial. Bamboo has a unique substance that acts as an antibacterial agent called ‘bamboo kun.’ Bamboo kun essentially prevents different types of bacteria and microbes from growing in bamboo products. It also prevents pesky insects from harming the plant in its natural environment. As a result, all bamboo products are naturally sterile and fresh, without any chemical additives like fertilizers or pesticides.  

The antibacterial and chemical-free aspect is especially important for toilet paper. Our production pesticide-free growing process, and our unique production methods process requires no use of harmful chemicals. Tree toilet paper is often made with bleaching agents, formaldehyde, and some known carcinogens. While these brands are FDA approved, studies have shown that toilet paper made with these chemicals have been responsible for UTIs, vulvar irritation, and many other unwanted bodily infections. 


3. It is Stronger, Lighter and Produces More Cellulose Than Wood


Bamboo is actually 2-3 times stronger than wood, while also quite a bit lighter. This strength comes from the plant being incredibly hard, as it can be used for flooring and scaffolding as well. The strong bonds in the fibers allow for a stretchy and soft yet strong toilet paper. It is never fun to wipe and feel a tear in your toilet tissue, but Bim Bam Boo’s bamboo formula ensures wiping with ease. 


Where Does Our Bamboo Come From? 


Our bamboo toilet paper is sourced, and manufactured in China. We work closely with our team to make sure that we are making the lowest impact on the environment as possible. We maintain excellent relationships with our partners overseas to continually improve our sustainability practices, and produce high-quality bamboo products. 

In terms of producing bamboo toilet paper, China is the best option for Bim Bam Boo. The supply chains for collecting and converting bamboo into tissue are unique and efficient, and China does not lean on importing other raw materials from overseas. Additionally, our bamboo is sourced from a privately owned grove -- not a “family-owned” source of wild bamboo. In an industry rampant with unethical and unsustainable practices, this assures that we meet high labor standards (specifically eliminating child-labor found under family-run plantations) and that we are not harming animal-habitats. 


Bim Bam Boo’s Magical Bamboo Formula 


Now that you know that bamboo is superior to any tree product, it is time to try Bim Bam Boo. Here at Bim Bam Boo we are saving forests from the bottom up, and we would love for you to join our family. If everyone in the U.S. swapped a single tissue purchase for tree-free Bim Bam Boo, up to 10,000,000 trees would be saved. With our 100% bamboo formula, we can promise that your wiping experience will be both comfortable and sustainable. Save the trees and buy a roll of Bim Bam Boo today!

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