by Zoe Levin June 09, 2020 2 min read

Hey, Zoë here — the founder & CEO of Bim Bam Boo. I did not plan on developing a radical brand for folx to wipe their butts. However, being a Jewish, native woman  — my identity is the karmic consequence of my entrepreneurial experience. I truly am my ancestor's wildest dream.  I cannot deny my own history, nor my role in shaping the course of the future. 
CEO & Founder, Zoe Levin, Holding Protest Sign at Climate March

Stepping into power 

As a leader and business-owner, it's ultimately my job to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Yet it is also my role as CEO to  push for "better"; better value, better products, better impact, better practices, better representation. It means a relentless education in being humble, listening, and taking action.
 Minority Leaders sitting at an Executive Education Workshop hosted by Lunar Startups

No business exists in a vacuum

Bim Bam Boo is based in Minneapolis, MN. George Floyd's murder only scratched the surface of America's deep-rooted and toxic history of racism. This horrific past, specifically here in the Twin Cities, is where we are building and growing our bootstrapped startup. Bim Bam Boo operates within a racist system. So here we are, building an anti-racist, feminist toilet paper company based in Minneapolis. 


Many brands and corporations made statements in support of the black community. Which is awesome. The next step is acknowledging the role we, as companies, have played in depriving black people access to economic participation. Specifically, it's important we demand our favorite brands (especially the large ones) transparently share what their leadership teams looks like #PullUpOrShutUp


Bim Bam Boo's 2020 commitment

  • 80% of our partnerships budget will go to black and brown-founded businesses and/or non-profits
  • Employ a diverse team and board of advisors (follow our company on LinkedIn for announcements)
  • Donate 1,000 rolls to charity organizations supporting the needs of our black community right here in Minneapolis
  • Donate 15% of profit from our website sales between June 10th-June17th to the West Broadway Business Coalition to rebuild black small-businesses in North Minneapolis
  • Hire black and brown creatives for all lifestyle photography (ie. models, photographers, etc.)

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