Toxic! Bleach in Toilet Paper: Why Ours Is Chlorine Free

June 18, 2020
Toxic! Bleach in Toilet Paper: Why Ours Is Chlorine Free

So you’ve switched over to natural cleaning products, integrated essential oils and removed all synthetic fragrances...but don’t forget about the toxic bleach lurking in your bath tissue! That fluffy, pristinely white toilet paper went through a load of processing to turn from a tree or recycled paper into a roll of TP. 

If you wouldn’t wipe your mouth with it, you shouldn’t wipe “down-there” with it

Most bath tissue includes bleach and other toxic chemicals. This may lead to irritation and possible infection when you wipe. But have no fear, the Bim Bam Boo crew is here to explain why bleach-free toilet paper is the best option for your home and your body. 

Why is bleach toxic? 

Bleach is a common additive for toilet paper products to create the desired white appearance and plush sensation. Many commercial toilet paper brands soak their pulp in different bleaches to achieve the look that they want, however this is problematic. Chlorine bleach is one of the most toxic chemicals for humans (and our waterways) because it creates toxins that can easily enter through the skin and into the bloodstream. It is especially dangerous in toilet paper because naturally occurring bacteria in the body cannot break it down. Dermal exposure to bleach can off-set your body’s natural pH levels, disturb your moisture barrier and may lead to unnecessary infection. 

Along with chlorine, there are other toxic additives that are critical to avoid when searching for the right toilet paper. This includes undisclosed fragrance chemicals, and hidden contaminants like BPA and other Bisphenols. Both of these types of additives have been linked to negative affects on the reproductive system, cancer, and more. BPA is an unregulated chemical and has been linked to many recycled toilet papers. One simple way to identify if a paper product has a type of Bisphenol is to pay attention to any white, powdery film on the surface. This powder is how BPA can easily enter your bloodstream through your skin, leading to negative and dangerous effects on your skin and body. 

What is unbleached toilet paper? 

Unbleached toilet paper is typically made from recycled paper or a tree-free fiber alternative. And as some of you unfortunately know from personal experience, this type of toilet paper can be rough to the touch, and may not be the most comfortable to use. Despite this, there is a compromise to creating a hypoallergenic toilet paper that does not use unnecessary harsh elemental bleaches. At this time, there is no way around using a chlorine derivative to achieve a soft, tree-free toilet paper. However using derivatives like chlorine dioxide can be less harmful than using straight chlorine bleach in the process. 

Elemental Chlorine Free (>ECF) is one example of an alternative to elemental bleach, and it is included in the American Forest & Paper Association’s (AFPA) resources of substitutes for chlorine bleaching. ECF uses chlorine dioxide, which ultimately prevents the formation of those harsh toxins and carcinogens that can appear when using a strong, elemental bleach. 

Along with ECF, other methods include Process Chlorine Free (PCF) and Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). PCF is more commonly used with recycled paper products that have not been re-bleached, while TCF includes no bleaching process whatsoever. ECF is the best choice for tree alternative products, as there has not been an option found that works for tree free materials. Most tree free products require a type of chlorine derivative to achieve a soft and bleached material. 

Bim Bam Boo’s Chlorine Bleach Free Process

Bim Bam Boo uses an ECF process to help soften and whiten the bamboo pulp. The ECF process ultimately assists in creating an amazing hypoallergenic bamboo formula, leading to low-risk of exposure to carcinogenic toxic, and lowers risk of infection or discomfort. As mentioned, using an ECF process instead of a chlorine bleaching can prevent toxins and carcinogens from accumulating within the tissue paper formula. This process includes hydrogen peroxide as the primary compound, but also includes chlorine dioxide and oxygen. Here’s an outline of our whitening process: 

STEP 1: 

Wash the pulp with water 


Expose the pulp to hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, and chlorine dioxide 


Heat the mixture to activate the elements. 

Wipe without fear, try our hypoallergenic toilet paper

Bim Bam Boo is devoted to creating a body-safe formula that is both hypoallergenic and soft. By staying mindful of what your skin needs, we offer a  bamboo toilet paper that is free from BPA, chlorine bleach, adhesives, and formaldehyde. Your cheeks deserve the best treatment possible, so why risk wiping with dangerous chemicals? By choosing Bim Bam Boo, you are making the safest choice for not only your skin, but your body! 

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