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Our Promise

✔︎ Pure

🎋 100% Bamboo, Tree-Free, Certified USDA Certified BioPreferred Plant-Based Tissue

✔︎ No nasty stuff

⚠️  Free of BPA, formaldehyde, chlorine-bleach and itchy glues

✔︎ Vegan

🐇  Made without animal-derived gelatin found in convention TP

✔︎ Great for sensitive skin

🍑  Experience allergy and irritation relief with our exclusive hypoallergenic formula toilet paper 2ply, silky-smooth & lab-tested lint-free

✔︎ Septic Safe

🚽  Tested for flush-ability + 100% biodegradable for sewers and septic systems

✔︎ Plastic-Free

🌈  Each eco-friendly roll is individually wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a box. Fully recyclable/compostable packaging helps protect our oceans — excellent for home and commercial use. Perfect for outdoor adventurers in need of hiking toilet paper or camping toilet paper