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You know that saying, when things get so bad, sometimes you can’t help but laugh? That pretty much sums up why we created the #Flush2020 holiday gift collection. 2020 has been the crappiest year ever. From a global pandemic to murder hornets and LITERALLY EVERYTHING in between. So we’re encouraging you to say “out with the old and in with the new” and #FLUSH2020. That’s right, you heard us, we created a Limited Edition 6 Pack of Toilet Paper so you can flush the worst parts of the year down the toilet.

Appropriately, only in 2020 would gifting toilet paper be the most thoughtful way to say “I love you!” In times of toilet paper shortages, you can now wipe your bum with velvety soft bamboo AND flush away the negativity in your life. 

The idea of the #Flush2020 edition comes from an Ecuadorian New Year’s tradition of burning the “Año Viejo” (“old year”), an annual ritual where people cleanse themselves of the past 12 months by tossing an effigy into a fire — symbolically burning negative aspects from the past.

Since we can’t bring a raging bonfire to you, we’re giving you the next best thing: CHEEKY TOILET PAPER.

The best news of all? This limited edition set is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Because...come on...who doesn’t need a good belly laugh?!

Ready to mail or deliver at a distance, the 6-pack is bundled into a chic gift box. Each roll is labeled with a different theme that showcases a challenging aspect of 2020. We encourage you to flush: 

  • Racism 
  • Covid-19 
  • Distance Learning
  • Toilet Paper Shortages 
  • Trump’s Fake News 
  • Saying “sorry, I was on mute.”— a nod to the never-ending Zoom calls

Like all of Bim Bam Boo’s toilet paper offerings, the #Flush2020 Edition is made from 100% ultra-soft bamboo that makes your tush feel as if it was blessed by baby pandas. The product is pH neutral, free from chemicals and is Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable. It is also guaranteed lint-free ensuring each wipe leaves you clean and fresh.

Sometimes, when everything goes to sh*t you can’t help but make a joke -- so that’s what we did. #Flush2020 with us and make way for a new and better year. Or at the very least, make someone you love laugh really hard.

Secure your limited-edition while (very limited) supplies last.

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We are so glad you asked!