The Best Eco White Elephant Gift Idea for Guaranteed Laughs

November 19, 2022
The Best Eco White Elephant Gift Idea for Guaranteed Laughs

The Best Eco White Elephant Gift Idea for Guaranteed Laughs

Get ready to discover the White Elephant gift everyone wishes they had opened this Christmas! Although there isn’t much pressure on choosing the perfect gift to bring to join in with this popular Christmas party game, it’s always nice to be the one to turn up with the funniest gift. And this novel eco-friendly White Elephant gift is just the ticket to guaranteed laughs! 

Best Weird Eco-Friendly White Elephant Gift: Jingle Rolls

What is Jingle Rolls? 

This useful eco-friendly White Elephant gift is toilet paper with a twist! Bim Bam Boo Jingle Rolls is a set of 6 sustainable bamboo toilet rolls in a singing Christmas tree gift box. Its unique design is similar to a singing greeting card — when you open the box, it bursts into song with a musical track to the tune of the classic Christmas song, ‘Jingle Bells’.

Maybe singing toilet paper wouldn’t be your first thought for a White Elephant gift, but it is practical, hilarious and sustainable.

And switching to bamboo toilet rolls over tree fiber rolls is an easy way to treat your tushy while also minimizing your impact on the environment. Toilet paper causes 15% of all deforestation globally, but even one box of Jingle Rolls can positively impact the planet. Each set saves 9lb of forest from being dumped down the toilet. 

Plus, the Jingle Rolls set is a humorous gift that will be sure to win the attention of everyone at the party when your giftee opens it and is surprised by the six caROLLsingers who sing upon opening the Christmas tree-shaped box! 

Jingle Rolls Reviews

We realize this is one of our more *niche* gifts, but our customers from last Christmas LOVED them. 

One customer says ‘jingle rolls were a hit with my friends and family this Christmas, and it gave everyone a good laugh. I wish I had ordered more!’. 

Another happy customer brought the Jingle Rolls set for a White Elephant gift and says it was ‘the hit of the party as everyone wanted it [themselves]’. 

And finally, another reviewer recommended the singing toilet roll gift set because, well, they ‘come in handy!’. 

You can verify these reviews on the Jingle Rolls product page and read the other reviews, which unsurprisingly consist of a few laughing emojis! 

Jingle Rolls is Famous with the Press! 

Check out this funny eco-friendly White Elephant gift in the press. We have been lucky enough that our crazy singing loo paper has been championed by various press and news sites, including:

  • CBS News featured us on YouTube, where you hear the singing caROLLers in action!
  • Trend Hunter posted about this toilet paper-themed sustainable Christmas gift. 
  • Street Insider also highlighted that bamboo paper is more eco-friendly than tree fiber and each Jingle Rolls set ensures 100% carbon-neutral delivery, plastic-free packaging, and more! 
  • You may have also seen this product on the Today Show or The Huffington Post. 

Grab These Singing Jingle Rolls! 

So what do you buy an eco-friendly person for Christmas? Singing toilet rolls of course! To be frank, this versatile present is truly a great holiday gift for all the hard-to-buy-for folks on your list — especially a work colleague, boss or teacher. Introduce them to the wonders of velvety-smooth bamboo toilet paper, which is as soft on your skin as it is on the planet.

Pick up the gift set of 6 sustainable toilet rolls in the Christmas tree gift box from our website to give as a White Elephant gift this festive season. 

Be sure to send us a message on the BimBamBoo Instagram if you catch our products on TV or capture your friend's or colleague’s reaction to their Jingle Rolls gift this Christmas. We love a good shout out!

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