Eco Stocking Stuffer Ideas

November 19, 2022
kids facial tissue exploding out of stocking

Eco Stocking Stuffer Ideas 

If you are wondering what to put in stockings besides candy, here are four easy, eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas you can steal to keep your family's stockings sustainable this Christmas season. 

Sustainable Christmas Stocking Stuffers



Fun Tubular Tissues 

Let’s face it (literally!) winter is the season for a runny nose. Luckily, the Bim Bam Boo Tubular Tissues are the perfect thing to wipe away your nose-related troubles (if only they could also cure the winter blues too). 

These vibrant and toy-like tubes of bamboo facial tissues were designed with kids in mind. Each set of tubular tissues from our holiday Bambootique contains 2 of each design: farting unicorns, flying spaceships, swimming whales, and exploding volcanos. These colorful designs add whimsy and fun to basic hygiene. 

You get 8 tubular tissues with every order, which is perfect if you need to organize multiple stockings over the festive season. Or if you can spare a few extra, they will fit perfectly in your car cupholder as you drive over to a family-member’s home to celebrate the big holiday.



And why not gift everyone a tube? The child-at-heart adults in your family might also appreciate a fun yet practical gift, as the tubular tissues fit in car cup holders and backpacks. Plus, they’re soft on any nose that needs a little TLC this cold and flu season.

Better yet, they’re designed to be eco-friendly and plastic free, so you don’t have to feel guilty about encouraging waste or adding to landfill during the holiday period. Some families generate 30% more household waste over the Holidays. So it’s definitely worth going plastic-free where you can, and as stockings usually have multiple gifts, this is a great place to start. When you’re done with the tube, they can be up-cycled into a toy, piggy bank or simply recycled with the rest of your paper products.

Adopt an Animal 

Opt for these zero-waste stocking stuffers and adopt an animal for your kids or loved ones to help contribute to habitat conservation and protect the country's national wildlife. 

Depending on the charity you choose to support, you may receive a welcome pack with a photograph of the adopted animal so you can still present something in the stocking. 

Your kids can also receive exciting updates on the animal’s progress throughout the year.

Bug Hotel Kit 

A bug hotel can help inspire your family to learn about the natural world just outside your doorstep. 

A bug hotel is a great option if you want non-toy kids gifts that are just as exciting. Of course, you can combine this idea with some eco-friendly toys under the tree but choosing non-toy kids stocking stuffers can be a fun way to encourage children to care about the planet while also giving the insects, bees, or butterflies a home. 

Bamboo Socks 

It may not surprise you that our team at Bim Bam Boo can’t get enough of all the amazing bamboo gift possibilities this Christmas season. We choose to make all our products from bamboo, including our toilet paper and tubular tissues — it’s sustainable, hypo-allergenic, pH neutral, and feels uber soft on the skin. 

But why stop at tissues? Bamboo is also an excellent material for all kinds of household, personal and clothing items. As bamboo is typically the most sustainable choice for the earth, why not fill your stockings with a pair of bamboo socks? Although they may cost slightly more, they will be made of a quality material that is better for your family’s feet and the planet. 

Learn more about why we love using bamboo for our facial tissues, kitchen wipes, and toilet paper. 

Looking for other gifting ideas?

Although stockings are an exciting tradition, they can end up being counterintuitive to a sustainable Christmas. This is why we have chosen to find plastic-free stocking fillers to help families across the country enjoy opening their mini gifts from Santa without causing extra waste. Hopefully, this list of good eco-stocking fillers has inspired you to seek some alternative stocking stuffers for environmentalists for your family this Christmas.

If you’re on the hunt for other zero-waste presents for everyone on your holiday list, consider visiting the Bambootique for inspiration.

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