Sustainable Christmas Thank You Gift Ideas

November 14, 2022
Sustainable Christmas Thank You Gift Ideas

Should I bring a hostess gift to a Christmas party? Don’t panic, there is no obligation to arrive at a party bearing gifts like a wise man in the Nativity story. However, the gesture of offering a present to your host can go a long way in expressing your gratitude for their efforts. 


So what makes the perfect thank you gift? Here are 3 steps to assure you nail the ultimate thank-you gift for your hosts this festive season. These gifts can help you express your gratitude while offering the host something practical, thoughtful, and sentimental. Great news, all these are super versatile presents that also make great gifting ideas for teachers, friends, mail carriers, and more.

Sustainable Christmas Thank You Gift in 3 Steps



Start With The Household Bundle  


This sustainable household bundle is an excellent thank-you gift for a host at Thanksgiving or Christmas as it includes three Bim Bam Boo best-sellers, like our tree-free toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissues made of bamboo. 


As most people often choose to gift items like wine or flowers, you’d be surprised how welcome a useful gift is received. These items help your hosts clean up after a party and tick one thing off their to-do list when shopping for the essentials during this busy holiday season.


The household bundle is also a great option if you aren’t sure whether your host drinks alcohol or has any dietary restrictions. So many folks are reconsidering their relationship with meat, alcohol and sugar. Plus, buying them wine or chocolates may be a bit redundant. 


The household bundle lasts most families about 1 month, so it’s the perfect size package to use over the holiday period when the chances of spilling a glass of mulled cider or a jug of gravy are a little higher than usual!


Gifting the Bim Bam Boo best-sellers bundle (try saying that 10x over!) is also a great way to help your friends try out a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative of products they use on a daily basis. Once they try the extra-soft tissues, it should be easier for them to choose the more sustainable options in the future. Heck, it’s like a gift to them AND the earth.


Luckily the items in the eco-friendly household bundle also work if you are searching for hostess gifts that travel well, as these items won’t get broken during your journey by car, bus, train, or plane. Not enough room in your suitcase? Don’t worry! We can ship them directly to their door or your destination.



Add in a Homemade Touch 


If you want to add a personalized touch to the thank-you gift or if you are visiting this household for more than one occasion in the festive season, making your gifts is always a winner! Even if you bake cookies and they don’t turn out exactly as planned, the thoughtful gesture always trumps any failed attempts. 




Bundle home-baked goods or store-bought confections with the household bundle for an extra considerate gift that will spoil your host. We recommend choosing a vegan cookie recipe with a gluten-free flour alternative, such as almond flour. These vegan and gluten free cookie mixes from our friends at Coconut Whisk are easy to make and delicious! They’ll look pretty and anyone can enjoy your delicious creation!


Finish With a Handwritten Note



A handwritten note can go a long way and help you express your gratitude when offering a thank-you gift. A personal message is that extra-special touch that really makes someone feel loved and appreciated.


Struggling to find the right words? You could also write down a favorite family recipe, or why you chose to share sustainable tree-free paper goodies from Bim Bam Boo with them.


The note is the perfect way to finish off a hostess gift that fits in a suitcase. Even a short note card is a simple gesture that is enough to show your thanks for the host’s efforts. 


Not able to personally write a physical card cause you plan to ship the host a gift straight from our website to their door? No problem! We offer e-cards free of charge so you can send a personalized message to them digitally.


Put It All Together

Now you can finally figure out the answer to ‘what should I bring as a hostess gift?’. These sustainable Christmas gifts can help you show your gratitude for your host’s efforts this Holiday season. So grab your household bundle set before X-mas to get organized and stock up on some seriously sensational sustainable Christmas thank-you gifts. 



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