Founder Zoë Levin on
Social Entrepreneur Podcast

February 09, 2021
Zoe Levin, Founder of Bim Bam Boo

Hey Crew! Some big news...your girl made her first podcast debut!! Listen to my story about how we saved 1.2 million lbs of virgin forests from being flushed down the toilet and achieved 900% revenue growth.

To be honest, for a *very* long time I was unsure whether Bim Bam Boo fit the guidelines of a "social enterprise". It is a rather new business-model (and term) that exists to do more good than just generating cash for shareholders. And it typically revolves around socially-focused impact vs. environmental. BUT this really got me thinking...How do you measure the intersectional impact of climate change on the social, cultural and health of the world?

When Tony Loyd of the Social Entrepreneur Podcast reached out to me, I paused; and proceeded with confidence. As Tony defines, social entrepreneurs make a dollar AND a difference. I am thankful for his efforts in sharing under-represented founder's stories. It was truly an honor to share mine:
- This was my first biz podcast interview!
- My experience makes me wonder...why do we separate social, cultural and environmental issues when they are very much intersectional?
- I noticed the limits of our entrepreneurial eco-system here in the Twin Cities (during Minnesota Cup, we were the only team representing climate change in the social impact division and I heard feedback that some found we "did not fit" the mold of what judges were looking for)

🤔  Where are your beliefs and definitions limiting your impact?

Let the good times unroll,

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