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Have you ever plopped down on the couch on the first day of December and thought, what the heck am I going to get my friends and family this holiday season?! Yeah, we’ve all been there, but don’t panic! This year, the best gift you can give is something that every household needs… and never wants to run out of again: toilet paper. That’s right, the stuff we wipe our behinds with and use as tissues for our winter colds. You may think it is not particularly romantic or meaningful, but the BBB team is here to break this stigma and prove to you that our bamboo toilet paper may be the best gift ever this year.

1. There’s no better way to say, “I love you"

Thanks to COVID-19, people really seem to need their toilet paper this year-- it is practically flying off the shelves across the country. By gifting a box of TP to your nearest and dearest, you are saving them a trip to the store, which means you are keeping them safe. Talk about a meaningful gift! 

If you’re unable to get to the store this month, BBB’s special bamboo toilet paper is available for online ordering so that you can send it directly to your loved ones. Check out our online store or and let the professionals handle the pre-holiday shipping madness.

2. It’s pretty!

When you order your 24 pack of BBB’s bamboo toilet paper, each roll comes individually wrapped in delicate tissue paper dyed with soy-based inks. These rolls will instantly level up the aesthetic of any bathroom by adding beautiful pops of color to TP holders and toilet lids. That’s the beauty of our toilet paper, it is functional and decorative!

3. A gift to Mother Nature

BBB’s special bamboo toilet paper formula is 100% eco-friendly and FSC certified, meaning that by gifting it to your loved ones, you’re also giving back to Mother Nature. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, making it the best tree-free toilet paper alternative for when you wipe. By purchasing bamboo toilet paper for yourself and others, you are ultimately playing your part in protecting against deforestation, damage to animal habitats, and much more.

4. Toxin-free

If you’re new here, you may be wondering why toxin-free toilet paper matters. News flash: the average tree-based toilet paper roll contains loads of harmful chemicals including chlorine, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and formaldehyde. These chemical additives can be particularly harmful to sensitive skin, especially surrounding our intimate areas. We all deserve a self-care routine for down there that supports our best health. 

BBB’s bamboo toilet paper formula is free from all chemical additives, including bleach, formaldehyde, and fragrances. We recommend including a roll of BBB’s toilet paper in a self-care package to a friend, normalize taking care of your most intimate areas!

5. Gentle and lint-free

Chemical additives may not be the only concern for irritation from tree-based toilet paper: linty leave-behinds can also be cause for unpleasant feelings down under. This is why BBB’s special bamboo formula has a lint-free guarantee, which means there is no crumble when you wipe! A soft, lint-free toilet paper is important for a positive experience in the bathroom; show your friends you care about them (and their butts) by giving them a special roll of BBB. 

Now that your holiday gift-buying stress has dissipated, head on over to our store to secure your bamboo toilet paper for the holidays. But, the clock is ticking! December 18th is the last chance to order and get your Bim Bam Boo by Christmas Day-- please note that shipping times are subject to change depending on carrier capacity. The Crew at Bim Bam Boo wishes you a happy holiday season filled with love and light during this challenging time. Stop by and say hi on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and remember, let the good times unroll.

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