Save Christmas with
Late-Gift Printables

December 24, 2020
Save Christmas with <br> Late-Gift Printables

If prepping for Christmas has been anything like it has been over here, it's involved refreshing the tracking link one too many times...

We figured you could use a break, and most importantly, some help!
Download our free late-gift printable inserts and save Christmas
6 Late Gift Printables To Save Christmas
Here's what to do when presents will not arrive by Christmas...

Scrambling to figure out gifting a gift that hasn't arrived yet? You're not the only one. 2020 wouldn't be the dumpster-fire year it got its reputation for if everything got delivered on time.

Don't let late packages turn into a Grinch!

Don't let late packages turn into a Grinch 

Get crafty

Dig out all your colored pens, sharpies. Find some paper and get to're making a Christmas card! Highly recommend pouring yourself a glass of eggnog, putting on some tunes and letting your inner-artist take over. Include one of our free printables or draw a picture of the gift you got them. Wrap it up like a gift and put it under the tree.
Find a printer

Our free late-gift printables may just save the day! Combine them with one of these free printable Christmas cards and you'll be in the swing of the holiday spirit!
Email them

If they're far away, you can do the digital version of these things by writing a sweet letter and copy and pasting images of what you go them into an email.

Just remember, they will understand and appreciate that you did what you could to make the best of a crappy situation. We are facing the challenges of a totally-less-than-normal holiday season together.

Wishing you and yours a warm and bright celebration,



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